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Zacchaeus and Jesus

In New Testament we can see lot of people who seek the Lord, and Zacchaeus was one among them.

Zacchaeus who was a chief tax collector, and he was rich

Tax collector was a privileged job because the appointment came from Roman Govt. Zacchaeus was chief among them and he had authority over other people. Since he was rich, he might have a luxury life style, and the society honored him.    

He sought to see who Jesus was

News about Jesus spread all over because He was lead by the Spirit, and performed lot of miracles and he preached authoritatively. Since Zacchaeus heard the marvelous news about Jesus one after the other, he might have started loving and worshiping Jesus and that could have developed a desire in him to see that anointed person of God.

Could not because of the crowd, for he was of short stature

Hence people were attracted to Jesus through His divine power; a huge crowed followed Jesus for their material blessings and physical healing. Since Zacchaeus was short, even though he tried, could not see Jesus because of the crowed, not only that his position or wealth or authority didn’t help him to meet Jesus. Sometimes we are also like the same kind of crowd, rushing around Jesus through religious customs and traditional practices just for worldly blessings, and blocking others those who are seeking Him genuinely.

Jesus was going to pass that way, so he ran ahead

Zacchaeus did not consider any of these obstacles; he strongly decided to see Jesus. Just imagine this, a rich man with all his costly costumes running publically without shame and considering after effects. He focused only on his aim and ran ahead in the same direction Jesus was walking. Today we are so blessed to have a clear and well defined track through which we are supposed to run, which was successfully completed by Jesus.

Climbed up into a sycamore tree to see Him

Ignoring his reputation and status he climbed publically on to the sycamore tree with a very strong intention. He didn’t consider about his costly costumes or the pain and discomfort that might occur. Even though we know the truth and the way, we are not willing to sacrifice our comfort zone, reputation, status for God because of the fear of men.

When Jesus came to the place, He looked up and saw Zacchaeus

Nothing is hidden for His sight; even the thoughts of our inner heart are visible before Him. We may be a great sinner, but our present situation or condition is not at all a concern for Jesus, for Him to love and accept us, if we have a desire to meet Him. Here also Jesus looked up and saw Zacchaeus and his entire life.

Zacchaeus, make haste and come down

We may be in our own spiritual assumptions, thinking it’s a perfect place where we can meet God. But God will never approve or negotiate our own stand and spiritual efforts. God deals with each one separately and uniquely, spiritual life is a private affair with God. So when Jesus calls, without a second thought, we may have to leave everything. That may be our religion, religious customs, best practices, traditions, self righteousness, comfort zones, wealth and possessions, ministries or job, anything and everything. Only if we are ready to leave, God can deal with our life. Another example we see Simon Peter left everything (even the boatful fish) and followed Jesus.

Today I must stay at your house

If ready to leave where we are, Jesus is ready to live with us forever. He is not asking any qualifications or demanding anything else, He is ready to accept us with all our mistakes and weakness, even though we are not perfect for Him to come in. When Jesus say He is coming to stay in our house, which shows He is offering an everlasting relationship.

Zacchaeus received Him joyfully

As a Jew, Zacchaeus knew about the blessed life with God through the scriptures, hence he accepted and received Jesus joyfully. But we are not aware of God and His wisdom fully, so we are afraid to have Him in our life. Not only that we are not ready to leave anything for God, our attitude is God has to adjust with us and be a good provider for all our needs, a miracle worker in our hard times, or a caretaker when we are in rest.

He has gone to be a guest with a man who is a sinner

If we are not willing to accept Jesus the way He wanted, we are also just part of the crowed who followed Jesus for material blessings. So God is not willing to come with us, He will just provide what we ask for. When we see Jesus love and care others, naturally we will also have the same mentality to blame Jesus. But we will never try to correct our mistake and come to Jesus.

Zacchaeus said to the Lord, “Look, Lord”

Here we can see a deep revelation, Zacchaeus accepting Jesus as his Lord. Means he was willingly gave the full authority of his life to Jesus, to control him and even make decisions of his own life. Normally we do not know the meaning of calling someone Lord; it has lot of dimensions that we need to aware off. If we call someone Lord, He is the person controls you, takes decisions. We have to just simply obey him without questioning, and he will be the provider of anything and everything in our life. We are not supposed to work for our needs and wishes; we have to make available us for him, and have to always seek his wishes.

Half of my goods to the poor; and I restore fourfold from false accusation

Actually this was not Zacchaeus decision; it was the decision of Lord through Zacchaeus. As we seen above Lord will take decisions on behalf of us, and we have to obey. If we are not obeying, Jesus will not continue as our Lord. Zacchaeus accepted the decision of Lord and he declared and obeyed the same publically.

Today salvation has come to this house, because he also is a son of Abraham
Abraham blessed only because he obeyed God and decided to walk as per the guidance of God. Similarly when Zacchaeus decided to obey Jesus as his Lord, Jesus gave him the greatest blessing of heaven and the earth, the salvation.

So the summary through Zacchaeus life is – First his desire to see Jesus led him to put a small effort for the same. Secondly he didn’t give importance to his position and possession, he decided to give the Lordship to Jesus. Thirdly he completely accepted and obeyed Jesus as his Lord. Even though Zacchaeus was a sinner in front of public, without considering his situations and conditions, Jesus offered him the greatest blessing of Abraham.

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