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What is the purpose of Human Life? Part-4

On this earth only human beings has dual life and dual citizenship. The cosmos rule of this earth is only the creatures formed out of mud are allowed to live on this earth. Hence every living creatures on this earth was created out of mud likewise man too. With body, man has to live on this earth as the supreme authority over all other creatures and everything else on this earth.

At the same time the spirit of man does not belong to this earth, only human body belongs to this earth. Like the body is formed out of the elements of this earth, the spirit of man is formed from a supreme divine spirit source – The God Almighty who is the ultimate spirit being. Man is connected to this earth with the body and man is connected with the living true God almighty with the spirit.

Without any additional training by birth, all mammals looks for milk, and all other creature looks for food immediately after birth for their physical existence. Likewise, without training all humans searches for a God who could satisfy their spiritual thirst and hunger.

If there is good there will be bad too, if there is right there will be wrong too, if there is truth there will be false too, if there is light there will be darkness too, and if there is God there will be Evil too. Bad is the absence of good, wrong is the absence of right, false is the absence of truth, darkness is the absence of light, and Evil is the absence of God.

Evil will always try to subside and have dominion over God like the bad, wrong, false and darkness that always subside and tries to have dominion over good, right, truth and light respectively. If we analyze the history every single person had tried to encounter with true God through mere customs and practices, so that the evil spirits could succeed in separating human from true God through different belief systems right from the birth by utilizing the thirst of hunger towards God. The pathetic fact is, instead of trying to connect with God, people are trying to push people from one belief system to another, claiming that the rest are vain. All belief systems on this earth stand for connecting human towards God in various aspects and methodologies, but actually are the fake mask of the Evil to prevent human to connect with the true living God.

The one and only way to connect with the true living God who is a Spirit being, is through the element of that God in human – the spirit.

Like an eye that sees, an ear than hears, a nose that senses smelling, the spirit senses everything of God. Even though an eye can see, an ear can hear, or a nose that perceives odours or scents, the information through such senses are processed by human intellectual system, hence whatever the human spirit receives from God, it has to be processed through human intellectual. For a newborn, through toys for example, the sight is enabled, through parents & toys the sound is enabled, through various foods the tongue is enabled to taste, similarly we will have to enable the sense of spirit to realize divine encounters from God. So the customs and practices of belief system will not help to connect to God, but is possible only through human spirit.

Assume bulb is the Body, electricity is the Spirit and light is the Soul, and to get light, the entire system has to be connected to a power source. So there should be a live connection to the main source always to get the light continuously. For the human beings to continue in the real purpose of life, a connection should be initiated and enabled between the human spirit and the supreme source – The True Living God. Not through the customs & practices or either through the belief system, but only through the human spirit that can be connected to the true God.

Before establishing this connection, as we received good information about human spirit, soul and body, getting some information about the true living God would be better.

Connection through human spirit

Understanding the fact that the human spirit is the one and only channel between God and man, is the basic element to establish the connection. On this fact, the very next step is the spiritual meditation to establish this connection.

Without considering the present physical or spiritual life condition, realizing through the human spirit, anyone can communicate with God that enables this meditation. Like grasping the information through eyes and ears, training human spirit to communicate with God through trials and errors and then grasping that information from spirit is the real spiritual meditation. Once the spiritual meditation starts, the human spirit will be filled with the presence of God and the connection will be established. When this channel opens, a man can enjoy the divine encounters and start worshiping Him through the human spirit. Through this spiritual meditation, the life purpose of human will be enlightened and the darkness fades out along with its evil actions in life.

Today the biggest issue is finding solutions for terrorism, violence, rape, anti social activities, brutal murders, etc., and all these are the actions of evil spirit due to the intensity of darkness in human life. The only remedy is to establish the divine connection through the spirit of man by doing spiritual meditation and bring light; in the presence of light, automatically the darkness disappears along with its evil actions.

When the presence of the supreme divine personality who created the whole universe comes into human spirit, all the unanswerable questions will have meaningful answers and solutions to all problems. Even though all the desires of a man’s heart such as the most beautiful woman as his wife, a luxurious life, high reputation and great position in the society, lots of possessions and earthly blessings is accomplished, if the spirit of man is empty, man will never be satisfied in life and will be looking for something to fill the vacuum in life. Only when a man establishes the connection to God through the spirit, this emptiness is filled and man will be truly content in life.

How to continue in spiritual meditation will be another question now, and that can be discussed in the next part.

to be continued….


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