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Lady touched the border of the Garment

Since Luke was a doctor, when he wrote this incident – The lady who touched the border of Jesus Garment, there should be lot of deep spiritual truths which are most relevant for our spiritual life today.

Discharge of blood for 12 years

Grownups could understand   the intensity and complication of this disease. Even monthly periods are intolerable; if it exceeds more than a month or so the agony will be worse. Just imagine how horrible it would have been for this lady, long twelve years.

Prolonging this condition for such a long period may cause – anemia, abdomen pain, infections, mental stress and strain, loneliness or even cancer.

Apart from these physical challenges, there were spiritual level issues too.

According to the Law of Moses, Leviticus 15:25-27 says, throughout this period she will be unclean, and the bed, chair or any other item that she use should remain as unclean. Not only that, anyone touch her or the items she used also should remain as unclean. So naturally she might have isolated from the society and family.

Spent all her living upon physicians

She was rich and used all that she had for the treatment; still there was no change in her health condition. Today also hospitals are robbing our hard earned possessions. She became physically week due this disease she had all these twelve years. Since she had lost all her living, she might had anxiety what to eat, drink and put on. Law of Moses brought restrictions to enter inside the temple of God and that prevented her from accessing the pool of Bethesda healing.

She could not be healed by anyone

Our body has natural phenomena to cure such conditions, but her body didn’t help her. The traditional experience of her family could not help her. The wealth she had also didn’t help her. Physicians or the medical science could not heal her. The Law of Moses or the temple could not help her.

She came up behind Jesus

All her problems was in front of her; disease, family, wealth, medical science, Law of Moses, Spiritual and traditional customs everything was against her. These problems might have given a thought of impossibility.

In this situation she heard about an anointed one who succeeded in ruling over all problems in life. This news might have compelled her to follow Him, and later by seeing and hearing Him continuously, developed deep faith in Him and His actions. A strong faith develops through true wisdom of Jesus.

Touched the fringe of His garment

Since she had deep knowledge about the word of God, she had awareness of the specialties of the fringe of His garment. Leviticus 22:12 and Numbers 15:38 says about the Jews garments. Psalms 133:2 very clearly says the power of the anointed one spread till the fringe of the garments. So by faith she touched the fringe of His garments without considering the after effects or punishment of the Law when she touch an anointed one, especially the one standing in front of all the written Laws.

Immediately her discharge of blood ceased

For her to experience the instant healing, just imagine how bad would have been her physical condition. There was only one thing between her disease and the healing, a small action by faith. A very small action with a great faith. Her faith had the great assurance about the unseen truth.

Who touched me? Someone touched me

People were rushing around Jesus and many might have touched Him unknowingly, but the lady touched him knowingly by faith. Nothing is hidden from His sight; He searches the minds and hearts. So He knows the intension of each touch.

I perceive that power has gone out from me

Man should depend on the power of God for anything and everything. God recognize those who approach Him in that intension. Today also we can see same kind of people blindly rushing around Jesus without realizing His mighty power.

Woman saw that she was not hidden

She clearly understood that, she was hidden for public, but not for Jesus. Till then Jesus was in front and she was behind, but now she forced to stand in front of public. Priest has to certify after required scarifies for her to come in public , but now in a fraction of second, without any proceeding of the Law, Jesus brought her in front of public. And then she could testimony the mighty things happened in her life for the glory of God.

Daughter, Your faith has made you well

Many misuse this verse. Her faith was, only through Jesus and only Jesus can heal her. That faith could bring miracle in her life.

More than her healing the greatest blessing she could received from Lord was the son-ship (daughter).

Go in peace

Even if we have all worldly blessings and not having peace of mind, life is meaningless. But here she received one of the greatest blessing – the heavenly peace by His grace.

What the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh

God sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin condemned sin in the flesh

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