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Is God so cheap to punish man?

How many of you punished and cursed your child so badly for eating something that you have restricted?

What you think, is God so cheap than a human to punish for a silly disobedience? Do you think God punished man for his disobedience?

If the justice and merciful God will never ever do that, what exactly could have been happened there?

A normal believer who just bunk everything that a priest preaches will not think about this at all. But only a visionary could think in that way. If you think you are a visionary this article is for you.

Suppose you bought few apples to poison rates at your home. Assume the next day before going for work you have poisoned the apples and kept in the kitchen, and just before going to office when you noticed your adult son at home and you are yelling – don’t eat the apples from kitchen, take from fridge.

When you reach back and noticed that your son had eaten one of the apples from kitchen by the advice of servant, you got anger and started beating him and screaming to go to hospital. Why are you anger? Why you beat him? Why are you asking him to go out of the house to hospital? Is that because he disobeyed you and ate the apple? I think now you got the point.

In Eden it was not the disobedience caused sin, but something else that went inside man through that incident. What it could be? Its quite difficult to get such hidden truths in normal reading, so let’s find out …

God said do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Means, like taking poison in through eating apple in the above example, through fruit the knowledge of evil will get inside man. God never wanted man to know evil in the initial stage when He created man. It was kept for man but in a later stage when he able to manage it with godly wisdom, like we won’t allow a kid to take a sharp knife but can use later stage when capable to manage it properly.

Secondly, God wanted man to move as per the guidance of Him, not from any other source. But man decided to grab the knowledge of evil through an alternative information source that God never wanted to happen. So, man was influenced by Satan and moved accordingly to become like God, even though man was created like God.

In short, sin is not disobedience but the evil nature got inside man that led him to try himself to be like God through his deeds.

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