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Heaven – A False Teaching?

None of the scriptures says heaven is the living place of God, but scripture says something else about the heaven.

Heaven is also the part of the creation of God. In fact, God initially created heaven before He created anything. If so, where would have been God before creating the heavens?

Scripture says God is omnipresent, hence either the heaven or earth could limit the omnipotent God. If so, why would have God created heavens?

Scriptures give a clear description about the purpose of heaven. Before creating anything else the host of the heaven or the universe, God created heavens as His throne to rule over whatever He planned to create thereafter.

God never lives in heaven but he reins from heaven, and God has a kingdom associate with that throne known as kingdom of God. There God created thousands of angels who worship God, ready to execute His commands and so on.

Either heaven or earth could not hold the personality of God, its quite impossible to invoke God almighty in a temple or mosque. Not only that God also declared He is not a person who dwells in man-made temple or building. But at the same time, we have to understand another important truth.

God had kept an unchanging thump rule on earth, that neither God or Satan could not do anything directly on earth in spirit form. Since God introduced this thumb rule, He created birds, animals and human out of the mud to have authority over land. Due to this rule Satan could not in front of man directly, and hence he approached through serpent. Loyal to this rule God also came down as human being to fulfill all His divine plans for man.

When God created man, His intention was to dwell in man to rule and control the whole earthly systems. When man decided to live independently without God, to a certain era evil spirit took control of man and executed his ideas over the earthly systems. But again, through the divine plan through Christ, God has restored all the possibilities for every single man to move according the will of God, by allowing Him to dwell inside. In short its not either the temple and mosque, nor the heaven and earth are the dwelling place of God, but the human being. God almighty like to live in man to control everything on the earth.

Man is the real temple of the living God!

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