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Power of Food as Medicine

God created all the basic requirement that man needed before He created him, and among them the most important necessity is food. We, Human need all basic nutrients daily, to function our body correctly and properly. The basic nutrients are – Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Vitamins, Minerals, Water. Since our physical activities are very less in...CONTINUE READING

Lady touched the border of the Garment

Since Luke was a doctor, when he wrote this incident – The lady who touched the border of Jesus Garment, there should be lot of deep spiritual truths which are most relevant for our spiritual life today. Discharge of blood for 12 years Grownups could understand   the intensity and complication of this disease. Even monthly...CONTINUE READING

What is the purpose of Human Life? Part-6

As discussed already, the spiritual meditation is the two-way communication with true living God who is in Spirit form. Practicing to communicate with that Spirit God through human spirit may be hard initially because of our very own human intellect that may stand against it. The spiritual meditation can be initiated only when a man could subside...CONTINUE READING